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As a single entity, you stand alone when addressing proposed laws and regulations.  The Association of California Cremationists represents more than 50% of California's Cremationists.  We are a strong industry voice whose policies and standards are respected by regulators and legislators.
We are a resource tool for our members.  The ACC and its network of members are here for you.

We are please to announce our speakers and presentors
for our 2014 Annual Meeting, Monday, July 21 in Sacramento.

Lisa Moore 
 Chief, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau

Ali Othman   Program Coordinator, SMAQMD
Rupi Gill,   Program Coordination, SJVUAPCD
Richard Williams, esq,   Partner with Gray-Duffy, LLP
Mark Matthews,   Environmental Advisor to CANA and
owner of Wiefels Group of Companies
Merrill Mefford, Compliance and Regulations at
Rose Hills Co., CFDA Past President

Check out our Member Calendar tab for information about our next California Crematory Operator Training Class in Sacramento.


ACC - CFDA Connection: Law Review & Arrangement Counselor Training

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